IBM Security Access Manager

IBM Security Access Manager provides user-friendly access management and multi factor authentication to help organizations maintain security as they adopt new technologies.

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  • IBM Security Access Manager

    IBM Security Access Manager helps you simplify your users' access while more securely adopting web, mobile, IoT and cloud technologies. It can be deployed on-premises, in a virtual or hardware appliance or containerized with Docker. ISAM helps you strike a balance between usability and security through the use of risk-based access, single sign-on, integrated access management control, identity federation and mobile multi-factor authentication. Take back control of your access management with IBM Security Access Manager.

    Remove barriers to mobile productivity
    Enable convenient and secure access to resources on mobile with IBM Verify, IBM Security Access Manager’s mobile multi-factor authentication capability.

    Ensure risk-aware authentication
    Dynamically assess high-risk factors and protect critical sensitive assets.

    Manage access to all your platforms
    Establish custom connectors to popular applications on cloud, on-premises and mobile.

    Key Features

    • Securely adopt mobile
    • Establish identity federation
    • Ensure strong authentication
    • Enable passwordless log in to Office365
    • Strike a balance between security and usability
    • Enable risk-based authentication

    2019 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: Access Management and Federation
    IBM Security Access Manager named a Leader in Product, Marketing, and Technology Leadership

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