IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence

IGI allows organizations to provision, audit and report on user access and activity through lifecycle, compliance and analytics capabilities.

For the fifth consecutive year, Gartner has named IBM a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance & Administration (IGA). With IBM, clients have access to the broadest set of IGA capabilities on their journey to the cloud.

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  • IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence

    Within your organization, you need to be able to understand who has access to what and how that access is being used. Is your identity governance working intelligently? IBM is focused on collecting and analyzing identity data to support enterprise IT and regulatory compliance. With IGI, you’ll improve visibility into how access is being utilized, prioritize compliance actions with risk-based insights, and make better decisions with clear actionable intelligence. All of this is driven by a business-activity based approach to risk modeling, a major differentiator for IBM that makes life easier for auditors and risk compliance managers.

    Features of Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI)
    Key Features

    • End-to-end user lifecyle management
    • Access certification
    • Business-activity based approach to model SoD violations
    • Powerful identity analytics
    • Extend ServiceNow catalogue with access management
    • Enhanced password synchronization
    • Integration with privileged account management products
    • Unique SoD controls for SAP
    • Data governance capabilities and GDPR specific controls
    • Integration with QRadar UBA for insider threat management
    • Superior, fine-grained z/OS integration
    • Closed-loop compliance

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IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence

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