Data Decoded in 30-Seconds: What is Data Replication?

What is Data Replication? Listen to Andre De Locht discuss data integration and how replication and synchronization enables you to manage data growth.

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  • Key Features:

    • Simplified real-time data integration for your big data initiatives
      Delivers new high-performance, direct-apply capabilities that allow for integration with Kafka and any Hadoop distribution, including Hortonworks.

    • Agile, low-impact integration of data
      Data is captured from database logs rather than issuing database queries or installing triggers enabling a low-impact, highly scalable, and enterprise-ready data replication platform for dynamic, continuous, incremental delivery of transactional relational data to data warehouses, operational data stores and data lakes.

    • High availability and continuous data protection
      Provides continuous availability of systems during planned and unplanned downtimes through continuous data replication and synchronization of data from your mission critical operational system to an available backup system.

  • Key Offerings:

    • BM InfoSphere Data Replication
      provides replication with transactional integrity to support big data integration, continuous availability, consolidation, warehousing, and business analytics initiatives.

    • IBM InfoSphere Change Data Delivery
      delivers data changes for data warehouses, DataStage® ETL processes, QualityStage® data quality processes and Master Data Management (MDM) systems.

    • IBM InfoSphere Classic Change Data Capture for z/OS
      captures changes to non-relational mainframe data and delivers them to relational databases, producing an accurate relational replica of your mainframe data

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